Image of the PURETEXX dry ice blasting unit PXX 2000

PXX 2000 one for all – all with one

residue-free removal of even the most stubborn dirt.

Three images of dry ice cleaning examples
Three images of dry ice cleaning examples

A revolutionary cleaning method from PURETEXX

The team at PURETEXX has developed a revolutionary cleaning process. At the heart of our innovative technology is a dry ice blasting machine that is used with the powerful cleaning agent "dry ice".

Depending on the customer's requirements, our PURETEXX cleaning machine finds application in the following areas:

  • Automotive industry (pre-treatment before painting, for cleaning machines, production robots, etc.)
  • Motor vehicle sector (interior cleaning, engine cleaning)
  • Aerospace industry (maintenance and conservation of equipment, brake dust, landing gear, etc.)
  • Printing industry (pressure roller cleaning)
  • Food industry (food grade, safe for health as per DIN 290)
  • Plastics industry (mould cleaning, deburring)
  • Metalworking and mechanical engineering industry (cleaning welded seams, tools and moulds)
  • Cleaning buildings, for all service providers
    throughout the construction industry for renovating facades or cleaning fire damage.
  • Ceramic industry
  • Petrochemical industry

Using PURETEXX for clean results

before-after example

Our customers rely on getting outstanding cleaning results that can be achieved in a short time. This in turn has the advantage - particularly in industrial production - of having the cleaned products available quickly once again. Time and consequently cost advantages, as well as an efficient increase in production, are other parameters that speak in favour of using our dry ice blasting machine.

But also less durable and sensitive materials such as fabrics or carpets can be cleaned and "refreshed" successfully using dry ice blasting. Versatile dry ice convinces users in a wide variety of applications due to its "brilliant" results.