Image of the PURETEXX dry ice blasting unit PXX 2000

PX2000 - our durable all-rounder

residue-free removal of even the most stubborn dirt.

Three images of dry ice cleaning examples
Three images of dry ice cleaning examples

Dry ice works!

The dry ice effect - the force that comes in from the cold

Our cleaning method is based on the raw material "dry ice", which after cleaning returns to the natural cycle as CO2 gas.

Examples of cleaning applications

Below are a few application areas of the
PURETEXX PXX 2000 dry ice blasting machine

How does dry ice technology work?

3mm CO2 dry ice pellets are poured into a hopper and accelerated to supersonic speed by means of compressed air.

dry ice technology schematic
  1. By means of a gun and a nozzle the pellets are discharged with a supersonic speed of up to 300 metres/second.
  2. The impacting pellets generate a direct, pin-point thermal shock. The maximum cooling at a depth of one millimetre is 2° Celsius.
  3. The dirt layer on the object contracts and becomes brittle. Thanks to the kinetic energy of the following pellets, the dirt is removed.
  4. Immediately after impacting, the pellets volatilize into CO2 gas

Because dry ice pellets have a hardness of only about 2 Mohs, no abrasive damage can occur. Surfaces are protected.

f the customer so wishes, an abrasive process is possible. Ask us. We have plenty of experience when it comes to special solutions!